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Webinar wrap-up: Voice Technology and Recruitment

Kimberly Groat
22 Mar
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“We are already at peak keyboard. We’ll get to the point where recruiters will be able to use their ATS entirely by voice. You’ll be able to sit in your car and allow JobAdder to do your work for you.” – Brett Iredale, CEO of JobAdder

In case you missed it, JobAdder hosted an informative webinar this week about voice technology. CEO Brett Iredale sat down with Head of Product Akahsha Edwards to chat about how voice is currently being used by businesses around the world and the untapped opportunities that are still ahead for recruiters and job seekers.

Brett (AKA our human crystal ball) and Akahsha really know their stuff when it comes to voice technology. If you couldn’t attend the webinar on #TheFutureofVoiceTech, shake off that FOMO! Here are a few of the highlights:


One billion people (or 15% of the world’s population) experience some form of disability. In the U.S., 22% of mobile phone users reported using voice search instead of a keyboard last year because they were unable to type. Being able to help people with varying abilities access information – whether they are recruiters or candidates – is a game changer.

Recruiters without borders

Google Translate is already available in dozens of languages and Google Assistant’s new interpreter mode can convert conversations in real time, although it’s not perfect yet. Soon you’ll be able to recruit candidates overseas without traditional language barriers.

Job seekers

Brett predicts providers such as Google will ultimately be able to automatically recommend job postings to applicants. Artificial intelligence will review and analyse career paths of people with similar backgrounds to anticipate what might be a suitable direction. Job seekers will also research potential employers by asking voice assistants about experiences from former workers based on data from sites like Glassdoor.

JobAdder and voice

About 600 JobAdder clients are already using our voice to text option each week. Iain MacGibbon with Farrow Jamieson in New Zealand tweeted us to say the technology has improved the quality of information they’re providing to clients and candidates. We’re also working on voice search, which is currently in beta testing and should be available soon.

Questions answered

One question we’ve been asked time and time again is about job security. Will recruiters be replaced by computers? While a job interview robot is being tested in Sweden, the short answer is no. This is a people industry and the human element will always be appreciated.

“Recruiters are ‘people-people’ by and large and they need to be out in front of people. This is what recruiters do best. Unfortunately, largely because of technology, recruiters have become administrators over the last 10, 20 years. It used to be that we just walked around and talked to people all day. We would literally do recruiting on the golf course or at the bar or at a barbeque. And while that still happens, if you walk into any recruitment firm now, most of them are glued to their desk. So what’s really exciting about voice, is that as we allow for more automation and more mobility and we allow people to work anywhere, anytime on any device … then I think that’s going to allow recruiters to get out of the office and get in front of people again.” – Brett Iredale, CEO of JobAdder

Still want more?

Brett recommends checking out this book: The Big Nine: How the Tech Titans and Their Thinking Machines Could Warp Humanity. In it, author Amy Webb addresses the future of AI and how it could begin to act unpredictably. And make sure to watch our video showcasing how JobAdder works with Google Home.

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