New Xref Integration for Reference Checking

Grace Orchard
31 May
Reading time: 2 minutes
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Contacting referees can take up an unnecessary amount of time. Our latest integration, Xref, works to speed up the process. A simple, automated reference checking solution saves you time and money; you no longer have to play phone tag to get a complete reference check for your candidate.

How does it work?

From within JobAdder, send out reference requests within 30 seconds in just a few clicks.

Xref does the follow ups for you by sending out the initial request and reminders to your referee. If they fail to open it within a certain time frame, you will be notified and can reach out to an alternative contact for your candidate.

Once received, referees can answer in their own time, accept terms and conditions and respond to questions quickly and on the go via the mobile portal.

The Xref fraud algorithm monitors multiple data points to ensure your candidate is who they say they are. If any irregularities or inconsistencies occur (such as a referee responding from the same IP address as the candidates) a red flag is raised by the system and you are able to look into the issue in more detail.

Xref reports a 98% response rate on references requested through the platform, and delivers 60% more data than traditional, manual methods.

Easy to set up, affordable and scalable to your needs. Contact Xref for a demo today.

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