What is E Recruitment?

E-recruitment, or online recruitment refers to when the process of recruitment is conducted entirely online.

From advertising for a role to searching for candidates, through to the final appointment of a successful candidate, companies often elect to erecruit for candidates as it allows for all processes involved to be streamlined through one place online. E-recruitment is also referred to as esourcing.

E-recruitment software, such as JobAdder, supports companies e-recruiting for candidates by providing a fully integrated online recruitment system. One of the foremost advantages of e-recruitment is that all candidate information is stored and shared securely online, forming a centralized hub of recruitment activity that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Information is archived so that it can also be accessed at any future date, even if a long period of time elapses between the time when a candidate’s data is collected and the time when it is needed for a role.

Conducting online recruitment also removes a lot of the manual labour that is traditionally associated with recruitment, such as printing candidate CV’s and storing them in different locations, only for them to be misplaced.

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