JobAdder + Pro Bono Australia

Listing a job on Pro Bono’s Jobs Board allows your role to be accessed by socially conscious users, who are passionate about doing good.

95% of Pro Bono Australia’s audience believe that organisations have a social obligation. That’s how we know that the people viewing our jobs are going to be the best fit possible for the organisations who need their skills.

Your role will reach over 70,000 users each month and be featured in a weekly job alert email sent to over 33,000 subscribers.

When you post a role on Pro Bono Jobs, you’ll be helping to continue their social impact program by keeping services such as Pro Bono News and volunteering board free and accessible to all. Over one million Australians a year use our services with a social return on investment found to be 11:1, and the social impact value created by our enterprise has been estimated at $6.5million for 2015.