SMS recruitment

Connect with your candidates quickly and easily, all from your smartphone

With our SMS messaging and text recruiting, designing a great candidate experience has never been easier.

SMS Notification

How to use SMS to recruit on the move

Key functionalities

Send interview notifications

Get interview tips and instructions into your candidates’ hands to ensure they are well prepared, ready to shine and feeling confident.

Simplify temp onboarding

Ensure temps turn up on time, every time, ready to go. Send them a text the night before they start confirming start time, address, directions, contact person and who to call if there are any issues.

Alert candidates of new job opportunities via text automation

Get to your best potential candidates fast by encouraging your talent pool to opt in for automated job text alerts when a suitable role is available.

Easy CRM

An effortlessly great candidate experience

Our SMS text messages improve the candidate experience at every stage of the recruitment process. Engage candidates with notifications for new job openings, real-time updates about their job application status, and follow up communications. Plus, schedule interviews and send interview reminders to reduce your number of no-shows.

Easy communication

Simplify your SMS recruiting workflows

Create your own SMS templates to save yourself time when sending the same recruitment message over and over. Plus, utilise our voice-to-text functionality to send messages on the move.

What are the benefits of using SMS for recruitment?

A better recruitment strategy

Better response rate

Reach candidates and clients immediately. SMS has a lower response barrier so you’ll find you get more responses, sooner.

Set candidates up for success

Give them all of the information they need to be on time and look amazing in front of the client. It’ll make both you and them look professional.

Keep your candidates in the loop

It’s understandable that candidates get a bit stressed looking for a job. Update them with texts whenever you can. That’ll reduce their stress and make sure they value you even more.

Keep your promises

If you’ve promised someone you’ll be in touch, a text is an easy way to stay true to your word.

Built for a mobile world

JobAdder is designed to work with you, however and wherever you like to work. Access candidate data before you interview, take notes, view your tasks or schedule a meeting, all from our mobile app.

Hear why your peers love JobAdder’s SMS recruitment

3rd Feb
Frank Spina
Fenner Dunlop

There’s no way we would have been able to manage the volume of hiring requests without having a system like JobAdder in place. It’s a solution that enables us to get it done and support the business during the recent uplift in the cycle.

17th May
Mary Blake
Citrus Group

A client could ring us on a Sunday night needing people the next day. We can go into JobAdder, bulk text candidates and see responses coming back immediately. We can then say to the client, ‘done and dusted.’ It helps us to actually win business because we have a speed of response to market.

3rd Feb
Liz Johnson
TAP – The Ability People

So the best thing for us about JobAdder is the fact that it provides a central location where we can store information, we can share information, we can communicate via it, so whoever is working on a specific role or project at a certain time can always access all of the information they need, so there’s never a black spot in our communication or our productivity based on which team member is working at a specific time.

Discover the joy JobAdder can add to your job

  1. Easy and intuitive
  2. Award-winning local support
  3. Flexible pricing options

Answers to your SMS recruitment questions

How does JobAdder’s applicant tracking software (ATS) work?
JobAdder’s ATS is an end-to-end recruitment system designed to help recruiters, agencies, hiring teams, and HR management alike attract and hire the best candidates possible. From the very start of the recruitment process right through to placement, our platform enables everything to happen centrally. From attracting job seekers to managing applications, interview scheduling, sharing shortlisted candidates, doing reference checks, social recruiting, communicating with candidates, clients, hiring managers and more.
How is JobAdder different from other staffing and recruitment platforms?

JobAdder exists to make recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone involved – not just the users of our platform. We’re here to improve the hiring experience for candidates, clients, internal stakeholders, human resources management and HR teams as well as recruiters, and that drives our continual innovation. Visit Why JobAdder to learn more.

Which industries is JobAdder most suitable for?

From telecommunications to technology, mining to marketing, our recruitment software helps recruiters in every sector shine. Find out how we can best help your industry here.

What type of business is JobAdder suitable for?

The JobAdder platform is designed to help make recruitment more efficient and joyful for all involved. The businesses it is most suited to are recruitment and staffing agencies and in-house HR and talent acquisition teams – the teams that manage the recruitment process.

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Application management
Job description templates

A free and growing library of downloadable job description templates to help you get started.

Database management
Client Portal

Share one branded place with your clients to manage job requisitions, submissions and interview feedback.

Email Sync

Communication should come easy and effortless. With JobAdder’s Email Sync, it is.

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