The Best Recruiting Tools

Awesome recruitment tools for agency & in-house recruitment teams

Here’s our rundown of the best recruitment & HR tools that have the potential to change the way you work in 2020.

If you find any recruitment tools or are a provider of recruitment tools that you believe should be added to the list, feel free to let us know via the contact page.

If you would like one of these recruitment tools that is not directly integrated with JobAdder and has the option to be, please get in touch and we will see what we can do.


Product by Xref

Xref turns a time-consuming reference checking process, into an efficient and valuable recruitment tool. With Xref, candidates are able to manage and monitor the progress of their references, and referees are given the freedom to complete their feedback as and when it suits them.


Product by Wonderkind

Easy programmatic advertising for recruiters has arrived. Wonderkind’s AI finds candidates based on their online behaviour, and hyper-targets them with the results right job ads on social media, Google and beyond.


Product by VideoMyJob

VideoMyJob helps recruiters easily incorporate video job ads into the recruitment process. When it comes to showcasing your employment brand and increasing the reach of your talent acquisition team, video speaks louder than text.


Product by Twilio

Engage candidates like never before on Voice, SMS, Video, and WhatsApp. With a focus on improving business communications and CRM, Twilio specialises in Voice & Video, Messaging and Authentication APIs.

The Gender Decoder

Product by Kat Matfield

Without realising it, we all use language that is subtly ‘gender-coded’. This site is a quick way to check whether a job advert has the kind of subtle linguistic gender-coding that has a discouraging effect on either gender.


Product by RoboRecruiter

With the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), RoboRecruiter is a chatbot that enhances candidate experience by maintaining engagement throughout the recruitment process. RoboRecruiter now integrates seamlessly with JobAdder for a better candidate experience.


Product by Revelian

Revelian offers a range of assessments and psychometric games to help you get accurate, reliable and scientific information about candidates. Visit our Integrations page to learn more about the Revelian x JobAdder integration.


Product by Clever Biscuit Ltd

Recruit’em is a free x-ray search tool offering a clean interface for recruiters to easily search Google for LinkedIn profiles, eliminating the constraints of a traditional LinkedIn search.


Product by Optimal

Optimise and automate your Job Ads for diversity, inclusion and SEO. Optimal writes better Job Ads so you and your business don’t have to.


Product by Dmitry Zaets

OctoHR helps recruiters get more information about developers, and simplifies search for new candidates in GitHub. This Chrome extension is a must-have for recruiters in the tech/development space.


Product by WeWork

Not only is is an event site where people can join groups or attend meetings with likeminded people, but it can also serve as an excellent tool for sourcing passive candidates.


Product by Microsoft

Yes, LinkedIn is an obvious choice for this list but one not to be overlooked! LinkedIn has paid and unpaid options which allow recruiters to find, contact and source active and passive candidates.


Product by HiringSolved

HiringSolved has one of the fastest and most advanced search capabilities, scouring the web at high speed to help recruiters expand their talent pool and uncover those hidden gems. The best news of all? HiringSolved integrates with JobAdder for a seamless search experience.

Google Alerts

Product by Google

Google Alerts is a great way for recruiters to follow news in your particular area, or follow key clients/prospects.

Fluent IQ

Product by Fluent Scientific

Fluent IQ is a robust test of real-world English communication designed for the talent industry. Fluent IQ helps individuals stand out from the crowd and avoid bias when applying for jobs. It also helps recruiters increase diversity and make low-risk hiring decisions.


Product by Crystal Project Inc

Hiring doesn’t need to be a roll of the dice. Crystal provides candidate personality data throughout the sourcing, interviewing, and placement process. These insights can be used to set up new hires for success and accelerate new relationships.


Product by ContactOut

ContactOut instantly finds personal email addresses and phone numbers with 97% accuracy based on a candidate’s LinkedIn profile. The search is conducted by searching other social media sites and the broader web using an AI engine.


Product by Calendly

As a recruiter, a huge amount of time is spent booking and changing appointments, so why not simplify and automate the process? Calendly takes the work out of connecting with others so you can accomplish more.

Boomerang for Gmail

Product by Baydin Inc

Boomerang is the ultimate email productivity tool for recruiters using Gmail. This useful Chrome app allows you to delay email send, track responses, and use AI to write better emails, and free yourself from email interruptions.

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