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8 tips: How to make your in-house recruitment team more effective

If you’ve found 2023 to be a challenging year, you’re not alone. The past 12 months have posed significant hurdles for the recruitment industry. The economic downturn led to widespread redundancies across various sectors, leading businesses to reassess their priorities.

Consequently, there was a surge in available candidates as companies streamlined their teams, causing a dip in competitive salaries that prevailed post-pandemic. The first half of 2023 witnessed a 4.7% decline in permanent roles and a 1.7% increase in temporary positions.

In our State of the Market: ANZ Talent Acquisition Trends report, talent acquisition professional Matt Woodard highlighted a notable shift. He mentioned that during this period, talent acquisition specifically gained recognition from business leaders, mainly due to its influence on all aspects of the talent landscape.

Being considered and strategic in the way we support our businesses is key, especially when aiming to add value in an environment where resources might be constrained. Recovery and growth may be slower than hoped, but opportunities still exist. 

This ebook will provide you with 8 tips on how to make your in-house recruitment team more effective and efficient.

What’s inside?

Future-proof your company by upskilling your team

Setting up the team structure for success is just the initial stage in establishing a long term recruiting capability within the business.

Why diversity is key

Diversify the roles in talent acquisition and learn how to expand assessment methods for a more diverse workforce.

Invest in talent intelligence

The shift to remote work has amplified the amount of ‘human capital information’ as employees transitioned to digital workflows.

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