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New Employment Hero integration simplifies onboarding

If you tend to find that once the hype of the recruitment process is over, the onboarding process really drags its heels, then say hello to our new integration with Employment Hero.

Employment Hero is one of the most diverse HRIS platforms on the market, with an inbuilt payroll system and a diverse benefits platform. And it’s the antidote to a slow and sluggish onboarding experience for your new employees.



Here’s how it works:

Once integrated with JobAdder, every placement you make in JobAdder is automatically imported into Employment Hero for you to start the onboarding process without delay.

Once you select the relevant placement in Employment Hero, you’ll see that the candidate’s name, email address and other employment details, such as their salary, are already populated in the platform.

Here are some of the top benefits of Employment Hero:

  1. Sending an Offer Letter to a new hire is a simple as hitting an ‘Issue Contract’ button – all data fields are automatically populated from their profile in Employment Hero.
  2. HR Managers can oversee all staff activities from one place – approve leave requests, review employee timesheets, store an organisational chart and much more.
  3. It’s FREE. Or at least the onboarding component is, once you start using their any of their nifty paid features, that’s where money will start getting tacked on.

For more information about how to sync up your JobAdder account with Employment Hero and start streamlining the onboarding process, log in to the Support Centre to read this how-to article

Stuart Read

Stuart Read

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