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Stuart Read
29 Jan
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Making a fresh start on your recruiting plans for 2017 doesn’t have to mean overhauling everything you’re currently doing. What you should be thinking about are ways to upgrade your processes and save time.

Here are 3 popular JobAdder integrations that can give you an edge this year by helping you work smarter. Plus, don’t miss the great offers each one is giving away to JobAdder users who sign up!


Electronic Signatures

HelloSign is a simple electronic signature tool. By syncing up with the HelloSign platform, users and their contacts can sign all documents electronically without wasting time scanning, sending and waiting for those documents, such as contracts and offer letters, to be returned. HelloSign’s legally binding e-signatures are the fastest and easiest way to get recruitment docs turned around.

HelloSign Offer: Click on this link to receive 20% off a HelloSign Business Plan. Make sure you select the ‘Business’ plan arrangement to take full advantage of HelloSign’s Basic Branding functionality!


Video Job Ads

VideoMyJob is an app that lets you record and upload video job ads. It comes complete with an inbuilt teleprompter, making it easy to bring any job ad to life. This platform makes it possible for job seekers to see and hear the benefits of working for your company straight from the horse’s mouth, and creates job ads that are abundantly more engaging than a standard written ad. At the end of last year, VideoMyJob was awarded ‘Best HR Tech Startup’ in ANZ by HR Tech Fest.

VideoMyJob Offer: Sign up for a VideoMyJob account in the month of February to receive a free tripod and light, valued at $229.


A Website Upgrade

If it’s been a while since any significant changes were made to your website, using the services of Volcanic is a wise investment. Volcanic specialise in creating high-performing websites for recruitment businesses that deliver results. Using custom designs, strong analytics and in-built SEO, Volcanic help recruitment businesses boost their profile and attract a greater volume of candidates and clients.

Volcanic Offer: Receive a 20% discount on the price of your website being created or redesigned by Volcanic.


Image Source: Pexels

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