New FluentIQ Integration

Stuart Read
25 Oct
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By now, most recruiters are in tune with the importance of a diverse and inclusive workplace. It’s proved that teams with a broader range of experiences and perspectives perform better. However, a vast body of research shows that the hiring process can be biased. Whether conscious or not, it can play a big role in whom we hire. This is especially likely to happen when recruiters have to screen dozens of job applications every day, and simply don’t have enough time to accurately assess everyone’s communication ability.

With the globalisation of the workforce and an ever-expanding access to a diverse talent pool, it’s extremely important for recruiters to be able to quickly and accurately assess candidate’s English language communication skills. To help recruitment professionals make low-risk hiring decisions and increase diversity, FluentIQ has developed a robust test that allows for almost instant assessment of someone’s English language communication abilities in a real-world context.

A bit about FluentIQ

FluentIQ is a test of real-world English communication designed for the talent industry. Using FluentIQ provides an easier way to hire and build more diverse teams, at lower cost.

The online, one-hour test assesses candidate’s speaking, listening, writing and reading skills, and provides an overall score of combined abilities alongside a compartmentalised breakdown. Even better, recruiters have the option to weight the test by capabilities, in response to the requirements for each individual role. Recruiters are then quickly able to see where candidate’s abilities align within a role and acknowledge potential for development within existing teams.

Unlike existing English tests, the FluentIQ test is designed to assess the real-world communication skills needed for talent acquisition and development. Fluent IQ helps recruiters avoid unnecessary elimination of talent who would have been great hires, remove bias from the hiring process and build diverse teams with minimal effort.

The FluentIQ test also has a built-in fraud protection that aims to give recruiters complete confidence that the person on the certificate is the same person who took the test. Added peace of mind is provided by way of a video of the test taker embedded into the digital certificate.

JobAdder and FluentIQ work together

Having FluentIQ integrated into JobAdder allows JobAdder customers to seamlessly bring the FluentIQ test into their recruitment process. Quickly send out tests to multiple candidates and compare results in JobAdder.  FluentIQ’s test assesses English language fluency across the board, analysing an individual’s speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities. Once verified by Fluent IQ (24 hour process) the test scores are populated on the Candidate’s record in JobAdder.

Get started straight away

It’s really easy to get started with FluentIQ and JobAdder.

If you’re new to FluentIQ, head to the FluentIQ website to check it out and sign up for an enterprise account. Once you have your account set up, contact JobAdder to enable the integration. Our team will link your FluentIQ Enterprise account to your JobAdder account. Finally, you are ready to go! Change any job application status to “Send FluentIQ Invite” for 15mins and an invite will be emailed to your  candidate.

To see FluentIQ in action, contact and watch the video below.

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