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Stuart Read
3 Mar
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In most companies, salespeople are on the frontline. Sales reps put a face to a company and are out there in the market every day – they’re the networkers, the dealmakers, the do’ers.

There’s no denying that salespeople have a high level of valuable, practical knowledge, but how many opportunities are there for them to share and gain more knowledge?

Frustrated with their experiences of trying to find specialised sales roles on generic job boards, sales and recruitment industry veterans Graham Winder and David Armitage observed a gap in the market for sales professionals. Not only did the ANZ job board market appear to be somewhat lacking in specialised employment hubs for sales, but they also noticed an overall lack of meaningful sales-oriented content.

And that’s how Sales.Careers came about. Sales.Careers is first and foremost a channel to engage and educate sales professionals through high quality content. It’s also an emerging job board and its mission is to create an immersive and valuable experience for every person who visits the site. Sales.Careers pairs great content with savvy advice for both hiring managers and job seekers to create a collaborative learning environment.

Of the demands facing modern sales professionals, Graham insightfully observes:

“Sales is going through some interesting times and I can actually see more sales jobs being lost to a point due to automation, great technology and more informed buyers. Salespeople need more than just a mouth; they need a good solid depth of skills. They need to have a strong EQ, ask great questions, be good listeners, knowledgeable, be self-promoters, have a strong personal brand, share insights and most importantly, still pick up the phone.”

Sales.Careers has set out to foster a community of like-minded salespeople in ANZ and provide an opportunity for them to collectively learn and be upskilled.

Whether you’re a job seeker looking for the perfect job or a hiring manager looking for the perfect candidate – we’ve all been guilty of having our blinkers on in pursuit of whatever we’re after next. However, there’s a lot to be gained from broadening our mindset and embracing every opportunity to learn and share advice.

Here at JobAdder we’re big advocates of learning and we’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated with the Sales.Careers job board. As an added bonus – Sales.Careers are currently offering JobAdder users free job posting for a limited time only!


See what you can learn, share and find at Sales.Careers!


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