RoboRecruiter – Have the conversation

Grace Orchard
2 May
Reading time: 2 minutes
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The world is getting faster, our conversations quicker, our time limited. Time for engaging with your talent pool is scarce. You don’t have time to call the hundreds, if not thousands of candidates to find out how they are, if they are looking for work or how they have progressed in their career; you could have the perfect candidate already in your JobAdder account but you haven’t contacted them in a year.  

RoboRecruiter’s automated messaging maximizes engagement so you can spend more time on the right candidates. By inviting candidates to send you their details via automated chat conversations, you re-engage, update your database and let them know you are still interested in what they have to offer. You not only have their best interests at heart, but you engage them in a familiar, personalised and stimulating way.

RoboRecruiter’s multiplatform, multilingual chatbot solution is made for people who hire. It could be your virtual assistant working with you in JobAdder, chatting to your candidates and giving you the crucial minutes of the conversation, so you can work more effectively throughout your day.

It saves you time, increases engagement and accuracy and you can set up campaigns to effectively manage your GDPR obligations.

Check out our integration video, to see how RoboRecruiter works alongside JobAdder.

Download the plugin from the chrome store to setup your account.

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