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James Ford
20 Aug
Reading time: 2 minutes
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Hi there!

I’m James from the Support team here at JobAdder Towers. This is the first entry of what will become a regular blog update from Support where will we be offering hints and tips so you can become a master of all things JobAdder!

While we have utmost confidence that you can, or will shortly, be able to use all the features of JobAdder we’d like to remind you that the Support team is here to help whenever you have a question.

You have a few options for contacting us, please pick your favourite 🙂

In your JobAdder account, click the circle with the question mark at the top of your screen then click ‘Create a ticket’:

Create Ticket


Or: Email support@jobadder.com Or: Give us a call on +61 028011 3477

Once logged into JobAdder, if you’d like a bit of self directed learning please click the green ‘How can we help’ button on the right hand side of the screen:

How Can We Help

In there you will find a step by step guide for new users (useful for longer term ones too!) and also a Help tab where you can type in any question you can think of. It will then show you a step by step walkthrough of how to perform that task.

Lastly, when raising a support query it would be super helpful if you could provide us with a screenshot (if relevant) of any issues that you are seeing or a link to a specific page you’re referring to, or a screencast. The more information you can provide us initially, the faster the support team will be able to resolve your query, which in turn means more money making, lunch or chillin’ time for you 🙂

Bottom line – we’re here to help so please come by and say hi!

James (the English one)

Image Source: pixabay.com

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