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What to expect when switching your ATS provider

Sarah Linney
Content Marketing Manager at JobAdder
switching your ATS provider

If you’re thinking of switching your applicant tracking software (ATS) provider but you’re worried about how long it will take or what’s actually involved, fear not. We’ve got you covered.

Read on to find out what you should consider before making the switch, what to expect along the way and a timeframe of what happens when. 

Switching your ATS provider is a big move but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right partner and platform, the process can be seamless and straightforward.

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Things to consider before switching your ATS provider 

These critical questions will help you define what you are looking for and why:

  • What’s frustrating your team about your existing ATS experience?
  • Are there features on your wishlist that you don’t currently have access to?
  • What integrations are important to you?
  • What level of local training and support do you need – now, and in the future as your team grows?
  • Are you prepared to commit to a static number of users, or would you like flexible payment terms to flex down as well as up in times of change?
  • Is the provider you are considering clear on what’s involved in migrating your data and setting you up for success?
  • Have you spoken to any other agencies who have switched to that provider to find out what the experience is really like on the other side?

Expectation management, realistic timeframes and total transparency are so important when making a decision like this. You don’t want to be promised big things and then be left reeling when reality sets in. 

A trusted ATS partner will be able to answer all of your questions, provide details around each step of the process and clarity on exactly what you will be getting when the transition is complete.

Keep reading to learn exactly what’s involved in making the switch.

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Your project team for success 

The first step will be to define your internal project team to identify who will be involved in the project delivery. This could include:

  • A project sponsor (the key relationship manager)
  • A project manager/lead (the key contact for the project)
  • A super user (someone who advocates for your new ATS and uses it regularly) 
  • System testers

Additionally, depending on your project, there may be other resources required, like a website manager or representatives from your marketing or IT teams.

Your new ATS provider will then provide an ‘external’ project team to work with you to understand your business requirements and ensure your solution is configured accordingly. 

Should you choose JobAdder as your provider, you will be assigned a JobAdder Implementation Consultant and a Data Analyst. 

Your Implementation Consultant will be responsible for:

  • Developing your project plan with key deliverables, dates and assignees 
  • Creating and maintaining query logs during the testing phase
  • Providing updates around key milestones 
  • Providing hands-on guidance with your account configuration, and any peripheral products or integrations

Your Data Analyst will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing the quality of the data you provide
  • Mapping that data to the JobAdder platform
  • Migrating your data into the platform
  • Quality checking that the data has been successfully migrated and is ready to use

What to expect throughout the transition

Your Implementation Consultant will guide you through four key stages of transition:

  1. Project Start

No surprises here! As the name suggests, this is the kickoff. Your Implementation Consultant will set up a call to run through your project plan, requirements, expectations and timeframe and answer any initial questions you may have.

  1. Configuration

Your Implementation Consultant will begin your account configuration and implementation with your admin user(s). You will be set up with a project board – your go-to place to keep up to date with progress, ask questions, share documents and such.

Naturally, the configuration timeframe depends on the complexity and quantity of your data, your system requirements, additional products and integrations. See below for further details. 

  1. Testing

This stage overlaps with the Configuration stage, with around four to eight review sessions (as many as needed) taking place throughout the configuration. 

Once configuration is complete, your Implementation Consultant will also conduct system, key integration and data integrity testing with your super users and system testers.

  1. Go Live

Once testing has been completed and all queries signed off, it’s time to enter the Go Live stage. Your Implementation Consultant will hold a final session with you and your project team to sign off on your project. 

This session will cover a review of your project plan, testing and fixes, and confirm the date for your final import. We’ll also run your super users through how to use JobAdder in line with your recruitment workflow and any key products or integrations to ensure they are ready to get the most of your new system.

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How long will the transition take?

Configuration phase typically takes four to six weeks to complete, prior to beginning your testing phase. However, each project is unique, and this timeframe can be affected by a number of critical factors such as:

  • Which system you are switching from and the format of your data
  • The quantity of data to be transferred – if you’ve been with your existing ATS for a number of years, chances are you’ve amassed a lot of data!
  • Custom requirements such as cleansing or merging
  • The date we receive a valid backup of data from your legacy system
  • The complexity of your desired configuration

Your Implementation Consultant will be able to provide a much clearer time frame once your Data Analyst has received and reviewed your data. 

In summary

Switching your ATS provider might feel like a big deal, but when you’re armed with knowledge and work with a partner that is transparent about the process throughout, it doesn’t need to be stressful. 

If you’re thinking about switching, why not give JobAdder a call? Our friendly team of experts would be happy to walk you through what that might look like for your company and how we might help.

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