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Advance in IT attributes a record year to JobAdder’s easier processes.

I had a record year last year and we can attribute that to having easier processes. For seven years, I’d set myself a goal and I finally did it.


Keeping it simple

It was a desire to go back to basics that led Shelli Gafan Levene, Director of specialist recruitment agency Advance in IT, to move to JobAdder in 2019. “For me, keeping everything simple is what’s going to make me successful right now. Normally I’d use every tech under the sun, but the reason I’m so delighted that I moved to JobAdder is that it keeps things simple and makes me do my job much quicker,” she explained. 

Having been in business for nine years, Shelli’s a one-woman operation by choice, with two virtual assistants supporting her. She’d spent eight years with a system that eventually proved to be “very convoluted and complex to use. It was so many clicks to do something,” Shelli added. 

“I think the best way to put it, is that JobAdder will be, on average, one or two clicks per task. Previously, I would have needed three or four clicks,” Shelli said.  

The power of voice

What also sold Shelli on JobAdder was seeing a demo of the platform’s voice-to-text functionality and having complete visibility of the entire hiring process. “I didn’t have that before. We had to manipulate the data so much [on the previous system] it was exhausting. 

“I was at a point last year where I just needed to save time and that equalled saving brain space,” explained Shelli, adding “the more time I have, the less my brain is crowded with information and the better job I do.” 

For Shelli, JobAdder is “a very straightforward tool with everything in one place. I can see all the jobs that I’m working and I can see very easily if I’m not going to fill some. By closing the ones I can’t fill, I have visibility on whether I need to do more business development.”

The power of processes

One process she shares is her use of folders. “I never used to put anything into folders [in her previous system] because it was too convoluted to get to. So I created a folder full of [suitable candidates] and prospect companies. When I find a candidate, I go into my folder with companies in, approach those and market people out. To be honest, it’s genius.”

Shelli breaks down her process even further, having realised it’s never been more important to be thorough. “That’s what I’m learning. What I do is create a folder for the week’s MPCs (most placeable candidates), save three candidates to that folder and just market those. Once I’ve done that, I’ll replace them with three others. I don’t have to wonder what my goals are or what I’m doing this week. I have to be honest, it’s been a complete gamechanger.” 

As a result, Shelli explains “I had a record year last year and we can attribute that to having easier processes. Ultimately, I’m using my network as much as possible. For seven years, I’d set myself a goal and I finally did it.” 

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