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CGC Recruitment sees 10x growth through a decade-long partnership with JobAdder.

That consistency and continual improvement and development have really been a plus for us and introduced new ideas and concepts in terms of how we run the company.


Ten years of partnership  

As specialists in the construction, engineering and property sectors, CGC Recruitment has spent the past decade building established relationships in those markets with the goal of delivering quality outcomes and adding value for clients and candidates. 

“From a recruitment perspective, it’s then about combining those relationships with the latest tools and technologies that ensure we’re working efficiently and smartly,” said Nick Curtis, Managing Director. 

CGC recruitment has been with JobAdder since the beginning with three people in the business and a shoestring budget. “We’d all worked at a larger agency in the past, with quite sophisticated systems. JobAdder was quite a cost-efficient and effective tool which allowed us to start up quite quickly. 

“Over the past ten years, we’ve grown as a business and JobAdder has also grown quite significantly. The product offerings and tools which have been introduced and developed have really allowed us to scale as well. It’s opened up new possibilities and new ways of working for us,” he added.

Business development  

With JobAdder’s integrations offering increased value over the years, Nick points to two that he relies on. “The integration with Astute Payroll is really effective for us as we’ve got a relatively large contractor book for our size of business. PowerAdder meanwhile gives us a high-level view of our numbers every day, which is really good. We can track all of our data and analytics in terms of our activity.

“Along with customisations such as being able to tag and rate our candidates, all of these have become a fabric of our business in terms of how we work and are evaluated. That consistency and continual improvement and development have really been a plus for us and introduced new ideas and concepts in terms of how we run the company,” Nick said.  

Leading the way  

Nick noted that JobAdder’s partnership extends beyond its customers and into the industry as well. “I’ve been very impressed with the participation of JobAdder in the industry itself. Some of the events you’ve hosted have been forward-thinking and I get the impression JobAdder very much tries to support and participate with the recruitment industry, by introducing new concepts and ways of doing things. 

Speaking of support, Nick commented on JobAdder’s customer service, calling it “really strong and really positive. The relationships that we’ve got with various people in JobAdder helps us get ahead of the curve in terms of what we’re trying to do with the business as well. 

“JobAdder tries to improve the recruitment experience for both agencies and candidates. There’s a strong focus on trying to do things efficiently. Our relationship is very much about helping us and partnering with us to get the best outcomes,” he said. 

Removing headaches  

“It’s quite a simple process,” explained Nick, on his experience using JobAdder. “It’s quite easy in terms of adding new users, removing them, transferring data. You don’t have to think too much about it because it’s such a straightforward process. It doesn’t create any headaches for us and we rely on it quite heavily and as we’ve upscaled, we’ve added other systems and that’s also been straightforward which is a positive.”

Nick pointed out three things that would be part of any recommendation of JobAdder, with innovation being “quite a big one, the way JobAdder looks ahead into the future and tries to introduce new products and offerings before they become mainstream.” Secondly, JobAdder’s participation in and support of the recruitment industry was also noted as being “very positive” along with the emphasis on relationships and customer service.

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