JobAdder + Roubler

Transforming how businesses manage, engage and pay shift-based teams

Roubler transforms how businesses manage, engage and pay shift-based teams all while giving them peace of mind with an always-on compliance platform.

Roubler transforms the way shift-based teams operate. Roubler constantly strives to deliver a high-quality solution that empowers businesses worldwide by providing them with complete data visibility while ensuring compliance and integrity throughout the employee lifecycle. These tools enable businesses to streamline and automate operations, increase productivity and reduce costs across their entire workforce.

Through the integration with JobAdder, Roubler provides businesses with powerful recruitment and applicant tracking software to enable a seamless and efficient journey for users.

As a workforce management software, Roubler provides organisations with peace of mind by equipping workforces with the tools they need to help reduce the risk of non-compliance from the outset of the employee lifecycle. Roubler believes that compliance doesn’t begin with payroll.

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Productivity for Recruiters
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