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Integrate JobAdder with your favourite tools & HR Tech

We are integrated with some of the world’s leading tech platforms and HR software providers to make it easier to conduct essential recruitment, HR and admin tasks.
Each integration is designed to complement your activity in JobAdder by optimising a different part of your recruitment workflow. Reduce double handling, communicate more effectively and get people into jobs faster.
  • Cut time spent scheduling interviews
  • Conduct multiple background checks with one click
  • Get contracts signed quickly
  • Track and manage timesheets
  • Link with your payroll system
  • Engage better with candidates
  • Report on activity and performance, and much more.

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We are also integrated with over 200+ job board and advertising partners.

RoboRecruiter is a multi-platform, multi-lingual chatbot solution made for people who hire.

Integration with Gmail enables the harmonious flow of data from a user’s Gmail account to their records in JobAdder.

SEEK Talent Search and SEEK Premium Talent Search allow recruiters to search SEEK’s diverse candidate database.

Invoxy is placement management software for recruitment agencies. It’s everything you need to manage contractors and temps.

Biff Bang Pow Logo

Biff Bang Pow build integrated bespoke recruitment websites for UK and global agencies.

Burst SMS is an online SMS provider that allows users to communicate with customers via SMS with ease.

FluentIQ will tell you straight away which applicants have sufficient English communication skills for the role you are seeking to fill.

Zimpla helps you identify the most relevant candidates in seconds.

Powered by APositive, APay allows recruiters to be paid earlier and more time for clients to pay.

Access a huge database of active and passive candidates through posting your job ads to Facebook.

Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back and forth emails.

Oncore Services specialise in providing expert contractor risk mitigation and payroll solutions.

Zapier is easy automation for busy people.

Twilio is a cloud communications platform that provides businesses with a variety of communications APIs.

Flare’s integrated suite of products automates your manual HR & payroll processes, freeing you up to focus more on people and less on paper.

Ximble is a complete employee time management system, combining staff scheduling and time tracking.

Employment Hero is a cloud based HR management tool that allows employers to easily onboard


OneUp Sales is a gamified platform for managing and motivating recruitment teams.

JobAdder Astute Payroll Integration

Astute Payroll’s robust accounting software makes workforce management easy.

FlexiTime is an advanced workforce management solution for the New Zealand recruitment industry that incorporates online timesheets

WorkApp aims to reach all workers regardless of their trade or profession, with a rich collection of jobs that gives them the best chance of finding employment.

MailChimp is a platform that enables users to distribute and manage email campaigns for the purpose of optimising their communication with customers.

jobadder sourcr integration

Sourcr is a reviews and recommendations platform for recruiters to showcase their abilities, placements and client reviews to help them boost their digital presence and win new business.

Daxtra is a world-leading specialist in high accuracy, multilingual CV and job parsing solutions. transforms your website/careers page to boost your applications and referrals to drive more placements.

Onboard Express allows all onboarding documentation to be created and issued efficiently

LeadsBridge is a marketing workflow and sales funnel automation platform and CRM retargeting platform. is a pay/bill rate calculator which automates quotes and employment contracts.

Referoo is carving the road to recruiter success by handling the entire reference gathering process.

Candidate focused video interviewing platform built for recruitment firms and employers.

Xref brings ease, value and security to the reference checking process. The automated tool delivers data-driven candidate insights, allowing organisations to make fast, smart and confident hiring decisions.


PieSync keeps your contacts in sync across all your devices.

AskNicely helps businesses measure and improve their customer experience using a smart NPS framework.

Recruiter Insider offers insights around your candidate experience and client satisfaction.

JobAdder has an Online Resume Editing feature that allows users to edit resumes right from within JobAdder

Integration with Microsoft Outlook enables the harmonious flow of data from a user’s Outlook account to their records in JobAdder.

JobAdder has an Online Resume Editing feature that allows users to edit resumes right from within JobAdder

Find anyone’s personal or work email address and send them emails through email sequences

Access a huge database of active and passive candidates through posting your job ads to Twitter.

AppSails is a boutique New Zealand based development agency that specialises in bespoke API integration solutions to enhance the JobAdder experience.

JXT provides cloud-based digital marketing services to recruitment businesses

HelloSign is a powerful business tool that increases efficiency by allowing all signatures to be completed electronically.

Designed to make branded video job ads using a smartphone, VideoMyJob enables users to record a video job ad, edit and then share the videos in just minutes. It is transforming the way recruiters connect, engage and attract job seekers.

Volcanic are experts in creating personalised websites that deliver exceptional results for recruitment businesses.

Talent assessment with psychometric tools for all your hiring needs.

etz is an online timesheets and invoicing system that automates the back end processes involved with job placement.

XERO is easy-to-use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses.

HiringSolved is an advanced search engine that works by collecting candidate data from all over the web.

Whether you need an Australian or International Police Check, want to hire an overseas candidate, or are looking to verify your own international experience, we can provide the background checks you need.

The Cronofy API allows users to integrate their calendar with the calendars of their customers

Spark Hire’s easy-to-use platform for video interviewing provides an effective way for companies to connect with top talent.

HROnboard is employee onboarding software that is dedicated to simplifying the onboarding process and creating a great first impression for new hires.

Get unique, data-driven insights into your candidates and make more efficient and effective recruitment decisions.

Ento is a powerful, cloud based HR & WFM platform, enabling shift based workforces to manage their employee lifecycle.

Neap designs fully featured and customisable websites for recruitment companies.

Enboarder is a tool that is designed to make the onboarding experience engaging and as seamless as possible

Cognology is an easy to use system to power your people management strategy from onboarding to performance and learning.