On Demand Webinar

How to build and scale a contract business

The benefit of contract revenue is simple: It’s recurring. 

Recruitment agencies specialising in temp and contract placements generate recurring revenue, which sustains their business during a downturn, and can become their leading source of revenue recovery. 

Whether you are a perm focused agency or a brand new start-up, we’ll break down the essential steps you need to take to establish a contract recruitment business.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How a contract book can save and grow your agency
  • Your back-office essentials – admin, payroll, compliance
  • What is the ideal on-hire model for contractors? 
  • Nailing the three C’s – contractors, clients, colleagues
  • How to run and scale your contract business quickly and sustainably

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Damian Bridge

CEO, Oncore

Martin Richardson

President, Ready Set Recruit Legal

Kristy Gilham

Product Manager, JobAdder