Job description for an Operations Manager

Job Description

In this role, you’ll ensure optimum day-to-day and long-term productivity by managing employees and overseeing processes to perform seamlessly and effectively.

Job Brief

We are seeking an Operations Manager to coordinate and oversee the effective day-to-day functioning of the company.  The Operations Manager will be responsible to confirm that quality services are provided according to established policies and procedures and will ensure continued operational excellence by using best business practices to manage resources, services and processes. 


  • Plan, organise and coordinate strategies to improve operational efficiency
  • Review financial performance and use past data to formulate budgets and develop projections
  • Responsible for establishing a healthy workplace culture and behavioural precedents
  • Operate independently of direct supervision
  • Ensure that data and information assets are being properly documented and archived as an internal resource
  • Expected to learn and teach technical material
  • Foster growth and develop individual team members
  • Ensure that operational processes remain legally compliant
  • Verify that service standards have been met
  • Meet the needs of the business, including participating in after-hours system support
  • Other duties as necessary


  • Organised individual with a strong attention to detail
  • Experience interviewing and selecting new employees
  • Must be able to multitask in a fast-paced environment while remaining cool under pressure
  • Ability to tailor leadership style to accommodate a wide variety of team member styles and leverage team diversity
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Able to delegate tasks effectively
  • Excellent written and spoken language skills
  • Strong administrative skills
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher

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Job description for a Construction Manager

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