Place compliant candidates quickly

See who meets job requirements at a glance to ensure you’re always and only placing compliant candidates.

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Job compliance

Confidently place the compliant candidates you need

With configurable mandatory compliance rules for every job, plus global compliance settings, you can place candidates first, and work on optional compliance later.

The big benefits of Job Compliance

Want to instantly differentiate between which candidates are ready to go, which candidates to follow up on missing requirements, and which candidates cannot be placed? You can do it all with JobAdder’s Job Compliance.

Reduce manual work
and spend more time
placing candidates

Increase your
confidence and reduce
your personal risk

Speed up the search
and match workflow
and reduce time-to-hire

The use cases for Job Compliance

  1. Working with children check
  2. Police check
  3. Forklift license
  4. COVID-19 vaccine certificate
  5. PPE kit
  6. WHS check
  7. White cards

How it works

Wondering how JobAdder Job Compliance simplifies your candidate placements? Check out the process below…


Candidate meets all the mandatory compliance requirements from global and Job Compliance level = Eligible to be placed.


Candidate meets all the mandatory compliance requirements from global and Job Compliance level, BUT is missing optional compliance requirements = Eligible to be placed with warnings.


Candidate missing mandatory compliance requirements = Will be blocked from placing.

Why is compliance important?

In case of a client audit, you need to ensure everyone you send out on a job has the legal and company-mandated documentation on file. And with these requirements varying between local areas, industries, roles and companies, it’s easy to see why this is such a time-consuming part of your day.

Collar Group
17th Nov
Collar Group

Establishing and scaling a new recruitment agency is something that Ephram Stephenson, CEO and Founder of Collar Group, knows well. …

The JobAdder team, as well as its marketplace partners, allowed us to create a brand that’s become synonymous with mobilisation and large volume recruitment.

Ephram Stephenson
CEO and Founder of Collar Group
VERTO case study
7th Nov

As an award-winning, not-for-profit organisation, VERTO helps businesses and individuals with their apprenticeship, employment and training needs. VERTO knew that …

JobAdder allows HR to put those resources and time back into our employees, which is essentially what we’re here for: to support our employees, organisation and culture and drive the business forward. We can be proactive rather than reactive now. So, it’s more than the dollar value. It’s the flow-on effect.

Erin Boole
Human Resources Consultant
West Recruitment
26th Jul
West Recruitment

West Recruitment is a specialist boutique provider that has successfully assisted candidates and hiring managers across Sydney to navigate the …

We use the database as our source of truth. The ability to search and accurately sift through that data at the pace we can is definitely a contributing factor to help us speed up our process.

Benjamin Boulos
General Manager
3X Partners
5th May
3X Partners

Craig Bagshaw is the Founder and Director of 3X Partners, a full stack advisory firm in executive search and RPO …

With the LinkedIn integration, we placed 50 people with just one client alone in a brand new country where we had no database, starting from scratch. That was amazing.

Craig Bagshaw
Founder and Director of 3X Partners
Senga Allen headshot
2nd May
Everest People

Everest People is a boutique recruitment, people and culture, and training specialist, which works across every industry in New Zealand …

That’s the way of the future. We’ve got to make the most of the data that we have, and we’ve been able to do that with JobAdder.

Senga Allen
Founder and Managing Director of Everest People case study
30th Dec
Winning Group

With humble beginnings back in 1906, Winning Group has four consumer brands under its umbrella; Winning Appliances, Appliances Online, Home …

Whenever there is a new piece of HR or recruitment tech, JobAdder is the first ATS that they integrate with…

Sarah Smith
HR Business Partner at Winning Group
30th Dec
Vocus Group

A hidden gem Vocus Group was founded in 2016 when Vocus Communications and M2 merged to create the 4th largest …

JobAdder very much aligns to Vocus’ company values and culture so it makes it easy to interact. It’s not just a platform; it’s so much more. I enjoy the people I interact with every time. I love working with and talking to those people because every time you do, there’s always a smile.

Johanna Laface
Talent Management at Vocus Group
30th Dec

The pain of spreadsheets Headquartered in Brisbane, UniLodge Australia has been providing thousands of international university students with accommodation since …

Support has provided so much follow up. It’s not just a tick and flick ‘here’s your tool, see you later, you’ll never hear from us’. It’s been very involved and a very supportive learning environment.

Sam Smith
Recruitment Officer at UniLodge
thinkingahead case study
30th Dec

Going virtual ThinkingAhead has been serving their clients as a boutique executive search firm for over 35 years, with headquarters …

We were looking for something really different from what we had. We went in the opposite direction by going really simple and clean. I think JobAdder certainly does that, but not at the expense of any functionality.

Courtney Rice
Partner at Thinking Ahead

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