Product Update: Discover A New Way To Manage Your Candidates In JobAdder



Let’s not beat around the bush here. The Candidate record is crucial. Maintaining these records, critical to the effectiveness of your databases in JobAdder, takes time. We have Candidate records that have over 10 years of valuable data associated with them. Crucial information that will help you find your candidates the job they are after and we want to help you manage it much better.

We have completely re-built the Candidate QuickView and the Candidate full detail page from the ground up and would love to walk you through it and show off some brilliant updates too.

  • View and edit your Candidate Record
  • Upload and Previewing Resumes, Formatted Resumes
  • View and Edit Skill Codes
  • Searching, viewing and creating new Activities and Notes
  • Multi task by completing an Activity or creating a Note whilst reviewing the Candidates Resume and previous application history
  • Review and manage their Documents, Applications, Placements, Submissions, Floats and Availability


Tom Dyson
Head of Product


Tom Dyson

Head of Product

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