Candidate sourcing & talent attraction

JobAdder is a cloud-based recruitment solution that solves your hiring challenges.


Corporate careers page

Create a custom careers page showcasing your employer brand, Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and current job vacancies. Increase your talent pipeline with this easy to implement job portal for your website.

JobAdder also provides a number of free options for a completely customisable careers page on your website. These include JavaScript widgets, WordPress plugins or XML job feeds.

Employee referrals

JobAdder has partnered with Refari to make it easy for you to tap into the reach and power of your employee networks to source candidate referrals.

Establish a strong referral program which incentivises existing employees to recommend friends and acquaintances that have skills your organisation needs. Connect with your talent pools to maintain an ongoing flow of candidate leads and nurture them with targeted communication to build affinity.

Job board advertising

JobAdder enables you to write and post job ads to more than 200 of the leading job boards around the world, putting your jobs in front of the very best candidates. You simply create a job, then publish your ad to the integrated job boards of your choice.

We’ll highlight job boards that are free to maximise your exposure for the lowest cost and provide reporting so you can see your most valuable candidate sources.

Social media recruitment

Publish job adverts and status updates to popular social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Share jobs within Facebook groups to reach your specific audience and expand your sourcing strategy to include passive candidates who aren’t searching on job boards.

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