Candidate sourcing

Recruitment software to find your best talent, faster

With smarter job posting workflows, an effortless CRM and access to top talent all around the globe, our candidate sourcing tools will lead you to the right candidates every time.

Talent pool

Grow your talent pool and stay ahead of hiring needs

Get ahead of your candidate search and nurture passive talent even before an open position is available. Create unlimited talent pools, build candidate relationships and keep your best candidates engaged until the right position comes along. Plus, our AI and skills matching functionalities help you shortlist your most qualified candidates in a flash.

Post to multiple job boards, all at once

Write your job ad once and post to multiple job boards automatically for an easier, more streamlined hiring process. Choose from over 200 boards, and use metrics for insight on which sourcing strategies are serving you best.

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Recruitment marketing

Track advertising targets

Assign ad quotas and keep your advertising goals organised, on schedule and within budget. Set quotas at a group or user level, or by job board.

Careers pages

Create your own branded careers page

Keep full control of the candidate experience on your website. Customise your careers page to showcase job openings to potential candidates, all while creating a seamless employer brand. It’s easy to implement, with a free range of options such as JavaScript Widgets, WordPress plugins or XML job feeds.

Chrome extension

Add candidate profiles from social media

While browsing popular social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, our Chrome extension lets you add social accounts directly to candidate profiles for a faster, more streamlined talent sourcing process.

Single dashboard

Keep everything all in one place

Manage all your candidate sourcing workflows in a single, easy to use dashboard. Browse job boards, create job orders, alert recruiters and store candidate information all in one place so you can communicate easily with your recruiting team, hiring managers and other stakeholders.

Temporary placement
Database management
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