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Burst SMS integration boosts candidate communication

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JobAdder’s integration with Burst SMS raises the bar on communication within the recruitment industry and is fast becoming popular with JobAdder users.

As today’s global workforce is increasingly mobile – and constantly glued to their phones – evolving recruitment strategies to reach talent right at their fingertips is crucial.

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Online SMS provider Burst SMS allows recruiters to do just this by communicating with candidates and contacts via text message. Recruitment consultants can now increase the ease and speed with which they connect with talent, and improve the open rate and rate of response to their messages.

Did you know that the average open rate of an SMS is 98%, while that of an email is just 22%?

Hard to compete with that!

The integration with Burst SMS allows JobAdder users to:

  • Send and receive SMS right from within JobAdder
  • Send SMS messages to candidates in bulk
  • Save templates of frequently-used responses for ease of communication
  • Receive replies to SMS messages via email
  • Respond to SMS messages via email
  • Have these replies automatically recorded as a note within the relevant candidate or contact record in JobAdder

Burst SMS is a great option for users in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

As for how to get yourself signed up?
It’s as simple as activating Burst SMS from within the ‘Apps & Adds Ons’ page in your JobAdder account.

Check out Burst SMS’ blog post or their profile within the JobAdder Marketplace for a full breakdown of how the integration works.

Please note: Replies currently do not work when sending from AU to NZ or NZ to AU. If your number is formatted as local and you send an SMS internationally, you will not receive replies. The only way to get replies to all SMS is to select ‘International’ as your number format in Burst SMS and have ALL numbers formatted with country code in JobAdder.

Finally, when sending messages from one country to another, the country code must be added in order for the message to be delivered successfully.


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