Streamline Your Recruitment

Manage your hiring strategy and recruitment activities with JobAdder’s Recruitment Management System (RMS).

Manage Your Candidates

Engage with candidates from start to finish using JobAdder’s all-in-one recruitment solution.

Give candidates access to update their status, job title, contact details and preferences.

Request a video cover letter or record video notes for a fuller experience.

A single screen provides a quick overview of candidates. When you find a candidate you like, simply click on the links for more information.

Automatic resume parsing eliminates the need to manually enter candidate details.

Serve your candidate better with enhanced controls and communication across your whole team. Use the candidate portal to engage with candidates, nurture quality candidates, and maintain a warm talent pool.

Why Use JobAdder’s RMS?

We make it easy to connect and engage with your candidates.

Create Efficiencies

Design workflows, create jobs, write email templates and set up auto-response messages to match your hiring strategy. You can also automate administrative tasks and reminders.

Utilise Your Valuable Dashboard

Customise the dashboard to prioritise what is important and focus on key goals. Measure performance and modify reports to suit your business objectives. Make data-driven decisions that support talent acquisition goals.

Manage Spending

Access analytics to determine which job boards have the highest ROI so you can allocate your budget efficiently. Control where your jobs are posted, how long they are advertised, what they look like and how much they cost.

Attract Top Candidates

When you create a job with JobAdder, you can effortlessly post job ads to more than 200 job boards and social sites. You can also use our in-built features to create branded career pages that align with your employer brand vision.

Track Applicants

With our Applicant Tracking Software, you can move applicants through your hiring pipeline. You can see job status, review resumes, interview candidates, monitor your talent pools and update candidates and hiring managers.

Integrate With Other Tools

Connect JobAdder with the tools you already use as part of your recruitment process and talent management. Integrations include HelloSign, XEROAstutePayroll, Employment Heroand many more.

"It’s time-saving, but ultimately for me it’s the candidate experience that is the biggest value add.. to give candidates the attention that they need."
Justine Hartman
Cbus Super Fund

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