Recruitment Management System (RMS)

JobAdder is a cloud-based recruitment software platform perfect for HR teams who want a better way to manage their hiring strategy and recruiting activities.

Attract Top Candidates

Talent attraction starts with your employer brand

Potential employees have preconceived beliefs about what your organisation is like as an employer, based on everything from your brand, in market messaging, review sites, friends and their experience as a candidate. JobAdder offers in-built features that enable advertising your brand how you want, customise your hiring workflow to suit your needs, engage and communicate with candidates and management features to ensure the team is consistent.

Build a careers pages that aligns with your employer brand vision using CareerPages. Templates that are branded and highly professional so you leave a positive impression through out the candidate journey.

Leverage integrations with partners like SEEK, AskNicely, and more to increase employee reviews and improve the candidate experience. The recruitment analytics dashboard let’s you prioritise what’s important so you maintain focus on key goals.

Use JobAdder’s CareerUpdate to engage with candidates and ensure your talent pool data is fresh. Candidates can log in to your company’s mobile portal to update their communication and job seeking preferences.

Maximum exposure for your jobs

Advertise roles across 200+ job board & social platforms

JobAdder enables you to write and post job ads to more than 200 of the leading job boards around the world, putting your jobs in front of the very best candidates. You simply create a job, then publish your ad to the integrated job boards of your choice.
Manage your talent acquisition costs by setting job posting quotas on each job boards. You can access recruitment analytics to see which job boards work best, we’ll even highlight which ones are free so you get the most bang for your buck.
You control where your jobs are posted, how long they are advertised, what they look like and how much it costs you.
It makes it a lot easier when you’re just told the truth; this is what the product will do… A big factor for myself was having that support there whilst implementing.

Jackson Keatinge

Cancer Council Australia

Customise your recruitment dashboard

Align your recruitment workflow & hiring strategy

Tailor your recruitment workflow and JobAdder dashboard to match your hiring strategy. The intuitive interface is highly flexible and can be adjusted to align with your hiring workflow whatever your industry.
JobAdder is the best CRM for HR teams who want to create efficiencies in their hiring process. Setup your workflow, create job and email templates and setup auto-response messages.
Automatically receive tasks and follow up reminders to make sure all candidates receive feedback on the outcome of their application.
Optimise your recruiting workflow by automating administrative or repetitive tasks and leveraging our many partner integrations all designed to reduce hiring friction and make it easier for you to find and hire the best candidates.

Create Talent Pipelines for Hiring Efficiency

Talent attraction starts with your employer brand

Streamline your hiring strategy by building talent pools of candidates with specific skills and experience. Candidate pipelines help you plan ahead for future hires and shift the conversation with hiring managers from reactive to proactive.
Gain insight and visibility into your talent pipeline so you can plan talent attraction strategies where you foresee talent shortages and can react quickly if you experience unforeseen demand for new employees.

Candidate Relationship Management

Align your recruitment workflow & hiring strategy

Using the JobAdder all-in-one recruitment CRM, you can track candidates from initial application all the way through to placement. Engage with candidates during the hiring process and beyond, ensuring they have a great experience with your employer brand.

See a single view of each candidate, their application history and their interactions with your organisation. At a glance you can see their past applications and roles, links to social profiles, current job title and company with a link to expand their resume and cover letter.

Enrich with video

Create detail rich records by customising your application requirements, requesting a video cover letter or recording video notes.

automated Resume parsing

Eliminate the need to manually upload candidates with our smart resume parsing technology, which automatically populates candidate data from their resume.

better Candidate experience

Deliver a consistently high level of candidate care and communication by specifying settings and controls across your whole team.

Self-update portal

Give your candidates access to a fully branded mobile portal where they can update their job seeking status, communication preferences, current job and contact details.

JobAdder makes it easier to connect and engage with your candidates helping to build affinity with your organisation as a potential employer. Leverage the power of your portal to nurture quality candidates and maintain a warm talent pool.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Move applicants through your hiring pipeline

Track the progress of jobs and applicants through the recruitment process; from requisition all the way to onboarding. JobAdder has an intuitive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) built into the complete recruitment software system. At a glance you can see job status, review resumes, interview candidates, monitor your talent pools and keep candidates and hiring managers updated.
Progress candidates through the hiring stages using the drag and drop dashboard or swipe when using our innovative mobile recruitment app.

Recruitment Analytics

Make strategic decision based on HR & Recruitment KPIs

Easy to interpret recruitment reporting dashboards to help you measure performance and important metrics. Customise the reports on your dashboard to suit your business priorities and goals.
Maintain focus on the outcomes that matter to you, JobAdder makes it easy to make data-driven decisions that support your talent acquisition goals.
Take it a step further by using PowerAdder to gain powerful insight into diversity and inclusion metrics and understand whether your hiring strategy is having the intended impact.

Powerful Integrations

Connect JobAdder with CV Check, HelloSign, XERO and more

JobAdder integrates with the tools and platforms you use on a daily basis as part of your recruitment process and talent management. Connect JobAdder to leading payroll or accounting providers, get contracts signed, onboard employees, track recruiting performance, promote your employer brand and eliminate the administrative burden of background and reference checks.

Popular integrations include AstutePayroll, CV Check, XRef, Enboarder, Employment Hero, SEEK Talent Search, VideoMyJob, HelloSign, XERO, and many more.

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