Tip of the week: Getting the most out of your Advertising via JobAdder

Stuart Read
26 Aug
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The future Job Board landscape just keeps getting bigger and brighter, with more options than you could have ever imagined. As JobAdder continues to grow and support you in more locations around the world, we have also managed to reel in top Job Board and Advertising Platforms into our gravitational pull.

So, is it simply just a case of ‘the more the merrier’ when JobAdder makes a decision to onboard new technologies? Well…yes and no. When growing our network of partners, we certainly keep in mind that there needs to be a little something in there for everyone. However, most importantly our aim is to carve out innovations that respond directly to the way our customers are recruiting on a daily basis.

As our partner list grows each day, we thought we should give you a break down on the different advertising channels so you can get the most out of these in your JobAdder.

What advertising reach do I have?

The answer to this is a lot! The main arms to distributing your job ads via JobAdder include:

Job Boards
Search Engines
Review Sites
Social Media
Social & Referral Networks
Digital Media Site
Professional Bodies

If you find yourself wanting to mosey about what partners we have on offer, check out our directory here.

Are there other tools out there?

Absolutely. If you have already hopped on the ‘social recruiting’ bandwagon, try socializing your job ads in your JobAdder. Visit your Job Ad Dashboard to push out your Job Ads as a Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook update with a click of a button.

Don’t forget to make a u-turn back into your JobAdder by tracking your social recruiting efforts with our JobAdder for Social Chrome Plugin.

How easy is it to add a new Job Board?

It depends…. some job boards don’t need you to have an account or credit card to get started. Others might require you to send them a logo or two, build a company profile and then you will need to revert some account details back to us . So your safest bet when inquiring about adding a new job board is to always reach out to our Support Team. They will look after you and get you setup in snap.


Image Source: findsomewinmore.com

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